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Florida - Endless Beauty
Florida - Endless Beauty


The “Right” Time to Visit Florida

11.27.12 | City: | Accommodations, Attractions, Deals, Hints and Tips, Theme Parks, Vacation, Water Parks

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Christmas at Walt Disney World Resort

Celebrate Christmas with Mickey at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando

A Florida vacation means lots of fun for the entire family. Besides its many theme parks, Florida is also rich in history, plant life and wildlife.

There is really no “bad” season to go to Florida. Tourists flock there year-round. Depending on what you want to do, though, it’s important to be aware of the different seasons and the different “tricks” nature may toss in your direction.

High Season

Florida’s high tourist season runs from the middle of December to the middle of April. Prices for theme parks and hotels are generally higher around this time of year and crowded attractions may mean long lines.

Although you may have to put up with some chilly weather – be sure to pack a jacket, just in case – you’ll find the average temperature a delightful 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Late March through May

The spring Florida sunshine warms the crowds from late March through May. During the early part of the season, college students flock to popular party sites like Panama City Beach, Daytona Beach and the Florida Keys. If this isn’t your scene, plan to travel a little earlier or a little later.

The spring weather is usually warm, but expect tropical showers in the afternoons.

June to September

During Florida’s summer months, you can expect the weather to be beastly hot with almost daily rainstorms, which ensure high humidity as well. If you can stand the temperatures, though, this is a great time to visit Florida because the prices are great and the attractions are less crowded.

You can still make this a great travel time if you stay near the coast to pick up an occasional cool sea breeze. Plan your activities earlier in the day so that by the time the heat strikes you will have completed your agenda and returned to your air-conditioned hotel room to search the Internet for Facebook messages from your jealous family members, or the latest celebrity gossip.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in Florida starts in June and lasts into November. Although it’s wise to be aware of this, it’s not necessary to drastically alter your trip plans to avoid these months. If you are planning to visit Florida during hurricane season, keep an eye on the long-range weather forecast and buy travel insurance in case your vacation is interrupted by the arrival of one of these intense storms.

A Few Words about Disney World and its Properties

Disney World certainly isn’t the only reason that people visit Florida, but it you’re traveling with kids, you’re probably planning to at least check the theme park out.

Disney World draws huge crowds during school holidays, Christmas week and Christmas Day. In fact, if you don’t get there bright and early on Christmas Day, you may not be able to get into the park at all.

To get the best park rates, hotel rates and air fares, plan to arrive on a Sunday and leave before Friday.

Also, before booking your trip, check online to make sure you are avoiding crowd-drawing festivals. Epcot Center, for example, has a food and wine festival that runs from late August through October.

Frankly, there aren’t any really horrible times to vacation in Florida, but you can use the information in this post to decide what timeframe is best suited to your family’s needs.

Byline: Michelle is an aspiring writer who currently works for a company that sells 1994 Mustang parts. She enjoys writing about a vast variety of topics and loves that blogging gives her the opportunity to publicly voice her thoughts and share advice with an unlimited audience.

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